Our vision

We are here to create a plus-value, a professional working environment and improve people’s health by exceptional, competitive, reliable, recent generation products.
We will do whatever necessary to maintain equally the safety of the patients and of medical personnel.

distribuitor aparatura medicala
distribuitor aparatura medicala

Supermedical Mission

  • What we do?

    We will bring a plus-value and development in the public and private medical division.
  • How we do that?

    Through best quality services and products in order to actively contribute to the development of this sector.
  • For who?

    We do it for hospitals, medical clinics and medical practices and not least for us. For our future and for our children’s future. For an environment where we all should feel comfortable.

Supermedical Values

  • Evolution

    Our evolution will be the evolution of our conscience.
  • Quality

    We will always offer quality medical products and services.
  • Integrity

    We manifest our integrity through transparency.
  • Respect

    We believe in respect. We respect our customers but also ourselves.
distribuitor aparatura medicala
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