How cardiology has been transformed by the evolution of ultrasound, why does a cardiologist need to be able to make a correct diagnosis, how are today’s young people exposed to cardiovascular disease or why it is necessary for the authorities to develop national prevention programs.

About these topics but also about many others with Dr. Rodica Mușetescu, associate professor and primary care cardiologist, in the last episode of the campaign “Ultrasound saves lives. What do you need to know? ”, Developed by Media10 and Supermedical.

About the campaign

The social responsibility campaign „Ultrasound saves lives. What do you need to know?“, carried out with the support of Supermedical partners, aims to raise awareness of a real situation, namely that, in medicine, prevention saves lives. In an uncertain economic context, prevention actually means financial saving. It is much cheaper to prevent than to treat.

Aware of this aspect, Supermedical has been actively involved in a new medical education campaign by which we help people become aware of the importance of the act of prevention, especially when we talk about the most important part of our lives, health.

The project was embraced by people and companies with common vision and values, who realized that now, more than ever, it is extremely important to get involved and change opinions/perspectives, attitudes and behaviors.