The JiveX PACS system is chosen by users as the best PACS system available in Europe for 2022.


The best PACS system for the third time


Visus Health IT wins the Best in KLAS award for the third time, after the awards received in 2019 and 2020. The competition is held by KLAS Research and is based on reports and evaluations made by users. The JiveX PACS system received top marks from its users, ranking well above the competition average.

The award is extremely important because it not only appreciates the performance of the software itself, but especially because it evaluates the relationship that the company has with its customers. Aspects related to embodied values, organizational culture or day-to-day cooperation were taken into account, along with those related purely to the product.


JiveX PACS is part of the digitization solution proposed by Supermedical and Visus for the Romanian medical market, together with the JiveX HCM patient data management system, the JiveX Healthcare Connect and a whole series of artificial intelligence applications for diagnostic support.



The JiveX PACS system is already available in over 20 hospitals and clinics in Romania where it helps doctors to visualize, process and transmit imaging data easily and efficiently, in a work style adapted to current requirements.